Eryn Blaser is an artist who has lived in Joliet her whole life. At a young age Eryn loved to explore and make things using different materials around the house. Throughout her years in school she took several art classes and enjoyed learning about different art forms, embracing her individualism, and the collaboration with others as well when it comes to art making. The Art Room was and still is a comfortable and welcoming space that makes her feel right at home. Once Eryn graduated from high school, she knew that she wanted to share with others the excitement of the process and the journey to the final piece, art forms, techniques, artists, and art from all cultures. She attended Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and received her Bachelor’s degree in Art Education in 2006. She has been teaching Visual Arts for sixteen years. Eryn has created many opportunities for her students to have work on display in several venues in and outside the school community. She is also active in the Joliet Arts scene.

Most of Eryn’s work is created through different materials, processes, and techniques. Her artwork is fueled by the topics of human interactions, self-perceptions, identity, and community. Eryn is a mixed media artist. Sometimes materials, topics, influences, experimentation, or a mood can change the way Eryn choses to create and make a work of art. Making the creative process ever changing and a journey.