Conceptual Fine Arts Photographer & Artist

April Love, hailing from Northwest Indiana, is a self-taught photographer, encaustic painter, and artist. She has been a photographer for over seventeen years. In her early work she began by photographing concepts in abandoned buildings. April later moved on to photographing commercial work such as weddings and portraits for clients although she has recently returned to focus on photography as a fine art through conceptual work.  Through photography, she strives to evoke emotion and thought – photos that tell a story and connect with the viewer on a personal level.

April’s work has been published and exhibited. She loves incorporating encaustic painting with her photography taking the images a step further. Using photography and encaustic painting in tandem results in a harmonious fusion of media that ignites the imagination. The textures and layers of wax and oil paints add another dimension of etherealness. 

As April strives to create conceptual pieces that carry profound meaning exploring darker facets of human emotion and existence, the incorporation of encaustic painting adds an additional layer of complexity inviting contemplation and reflection.