To hear her tell it, “I don’t think of myself as an artist but a person with a creative spirit driven by my ADHD’s need for new & shiny things”. All the shiny things have led Lynzi Scholz to make her mark as an all around artist. Whether it be ballroom dance, pop culture renderings, digital art & design, or photography, Lynzi provides a unique view point and story to every project.

Even if this was all she had in her arsenal Lynzi would be a master but add to these artistic skills, a mind for upcycling, an eye for unique pieces, skilled sewing and costuming and the ability to bring it all together, Lynzi is always up for a new challenge. The search for shiny things has called her to create logos, dabble in digital renderings, and travel the world to learn new perspectives and share those experiences in every piece. Review the website, see for yourself, Lynzi will not disappoint.